Write The Docs Podcast


I am happy to do some editing work.


What about taking short segments out of talks and putting them into the podcast as a way to segue to a new topic or introduce a guest? Just another idea.

“Radio is the theater of the mind; television is the theater of the mindless” - Steve Allen


Yea, I’ve seen this done quite well with the TED Radio Hour: http://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/?showDate=2015-10-16

They play a clip of the talk, and then include a follow up interview with the speaker to expound on the ideas and follow up with progress. I’ve shied away from this because of the amount of editing it would require – but it’s definitely an interesting format. It also uses the talk audio as a resource, which is a nice way to reuse it.


It definitely takes time. You generally need to have a producer-type person to figure out which clips to add and when. Although if you started the show with a clip, it could streamline things. You’d probably have a lot less to worry about.


Apologies for the delay all, I have been travelling for work the last few weeks. I’ve set up a potential event time and date using doodle so we can schedule a time/date that works for all, do feel free to suggest alternatives as I’m conscious of multiple time zone challenges.

Really keen to see what we can possibly put together :smile:


I think Doodle takes time zones into account, but I’m not certain, so we’ll see how this goes.


While I have zero experience converting video to podcasts, I think this interview might be suitable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6rQpO_6XUU


A YouTube audio extraction plugin will rip the audio in minutes. And they’re free.


Anyone going to fill in this doodle? :smile:

Or do I just need to suggest a date in a benevolent dictator style.


Did this ever get going? I think a documentarian podcast would be excellent! :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting for people to commit or even suggest to a date for discussion :frowning:

Not going to do this myself and unless anyone responds I will give up on the idea, slightly disappointing after all the discussion but I still have the enthusiasm if people make a commitment.


I got a 404 error on the Doodle.

I was insanely busy in the fall. Still busy, but I want to be involved.

Have you thought about doing a podcast on Blab.Im?? You can record them. Could really simplify things.

The only thing that’s required for Blab is a compatible browser. Firefox or Chrome. Quality is similar to Skype.

Blab.Im is public however so anyone could drop in and write a comment as the podcast is happening. For more privacy, there is or appear.In but it will require an external program to record the session.


Chris, I’ve been trying to figure out my schedule for the year so that I could commit to a series with tech writers that would form the foundation of something @ericholscher and I brainstormed last year, an oral history of software documentation.

But so far I am so booked up with work – at least for the next month – that I haven’t been able to work on this project. If I tell you that I can try to work out a schedule within the next month or so, would that help?


It likely expired @reneehildebrand

I will get to this at some point, but until some others step forward I will put in my b-list and get back to everyone when I have time to get around to it.

Maybe we just kickstart it from a future event and take it from there, but it will happen eventually.


FWIW I’d be interested in helping made this podcast a reality, either through hosting or speaking.