Write The Docs PDX Meetup Group - June 9



Continue feeling the joy of Write The Docs all year!

On June 9, we’ll be meeting at the New Relic facilities (on the 29th floor!), networking, and listening to Diana Potter of Customer.IO talking to us about “When You Should Not Write The Docs”.

If you’re in the Portland metro area, join our group and sign up for our Meetup. Continue to feel the joy of Write The Docs! http://www.meetup.com/Write-The-Docs-PDX/

(mike@linuxexam.com / mike.jang@forgerock.com)


Follow-up – the meetup was excellent! There were > 30 of us, hosted by New Relic.

Diana Potter has shared her slides from the presentation, available in the following Google Doc.

I most enjoyed slide 35: 5 ways to say No to writing the docs


Hello PDX!

Any Madcap Flare savvy writers out there? (www.madcapsoftware.com)
I’d love to rub elbows with Flare users who share the Write The Docs culture and mentality. Ideally, we’d create up a Flare-specific meet-up or even Flare users group. (The closest one on record is Seattle.)

Even if there was one of you interested in geeking out over Flare from time to time, that would be cool too. I’m all about keeping it simple.



Hi David,

While I hope you get a response here, you’re also welcome to post your question on the Write The Docs PDX Meetup message board.