What are we working on these days - domain or industry, tools, processes, challenges?


I am always keen to know what latest we all are working on. Can we answer the following questions?

  • What is your title, role, or company? (Mention if you are an independent contractor.)
  • What are the top two challenges that you currently face at work?
  • What tools you are using right now (authoring, localization, graphics, project management, others)?
  • Do you work (may or may not be actively) with other content-roles such as content strategists, content marketers, or customer support, in your organization? What is your experience so far, of working with them?


Technical Writer Junior
My top 2 challenges are : maintaining quality of documentation and facing every input I have about the doc
Tools : JIRA (ticketing), Slack channels (discussion asynchronously), Confluence (our documentation tool) and some additional IM (Skype, Hangout)
I am sometimes Agile Facilitator (retrospectives) or Scrum Expert for the developers. It’s not clear.