Verbs with prepositions for list of attributes/deliverables


Hi, everyone! I am doing a regular review and edit today for one of our directors on a marketing datasheet for a product. In the features section, he has the normal listing of each feature and then bullet points under each for the specific attributes/deliverables of that feature. He is using verbs to start each attribute (Create, Remove, etc), but when it comes to deliverables, he starts using “Report on. . .” which doesn’t match. Though, I can’t think of a replacement. Usually when I write this stuff, I would have changed it to " Reports" or “reporting,” so does anyone have a good single verb or re-write they would do for those items?

(I feel it doesn’t “match” because I was taught that a preposition makes a verb clunky and indirect, whereas a verb + statement is much more clear and imperative.)

Additionally, there are times when he starts an attribute in the list off with “Automatically” THEN adds the verb. It also feels clunky to me and out of place.

I am open to any ideas with either of these issues. Thanks, in advance!