Subcategories under "Meetups" for each meetup group?


Can we do this?

cc @ericholscher @mikejang


Hi Ricardo,

What would be gained if we created subcategories for each Meetup group?


  1. Organization. So each group can use their specific category for posts specifically about that local meetup. This would replace the discussion board on which sucks.
  2. Discourse allows users to subscribe (by notification or email) to a category. Having these sub-categories would then allow someone interested in WTD NYC or WTD Portland to only get emails when posts are made specifically in those categories.


I’d definitely subscribe for email notifications for Portland-based stuff. (One can dream they have more time to attend such events!) Not so much interested in what’s going on in other cities, but might be useful for folks to compare & contrast. And some folks may have colleagues, be frequent travelers to certain cities, etc.