Senior Technical Writer, Bsquare - Bellevue, WA


Update: There’s now a job ad:*57DF96AA0F8F97CF

Seattle-area writers: I’m moving on from my current role in early October, so Bsquare is hiring my replacement. I’ll update this post once we have a job ad up.

What my replacement (Senior Technical Writer) takes over: Docs (mostly business user audience; MadCap Flare), leading customer training (which is a new-ish effort) and leading a to-be-hired curriculum developer (late this year or early next), some UX writing, lots of poking the UX and Dev teams, being the Keeper of The Glossary, continuing my experiment with interactive walkthroughs using Inline Manual. Optionally, you’ll also be the manager of the team (which you’ll build from scratch).

What’s I like about working here: I’m the first tech writer in this company’s history, so there’s plenty of room to tweak the definition of what the Docs group does, what tools you use, etc. My manager is pretty chill, and will mostly give you high-level goals, leaving you to define what you do to achieve the goals - which makes it really important to be self-driving.

Based in Bellevue, WA. Not remote (but wfh-friendly), relocation considered on a case-by-case basis.

Hurl resumes and 2-3 writing samples to [my wtd username]@[company].com. Please also CC our recruiter, Denise Delaney, at denised@[company].com.



You may be the first technical writer employee, but you are certainly not the first technical writer who has worked there. I worked on a contract there about 20 years ago when they were heavily involved in Windows CE (IIRC).


Ah, fair enough. But that ought to exceed the statute of limitations, surely :slight_smile: