Seeking input for a GitHub talk


Next month I’m talking about GitHub at Seattle’s Write the Docs Meetup. The audience will include doc writers with a wide range of GitHub experience. While I use GitHub for hosting a couple of websites, I don’t do much documentation there.

I’d love input from this group. What would you, as a documentation writer, want to learn about GitHub? If you use GitHub for writing documentation, which commands or features make your life easier?

These are some topics I may cover:

  • What is GitHub? Why use it? Who uses it?
  • Repos: Creating, cloning, forking
  • Committing and pushing changes
  • Branching
  • Rebasing
  • Merging
  • GitHub Pages: Jekyll, Markdown


Forkable static site generators. ( Jekyll can be daunting to some users, so alternatives may help those interested get started quickly.

Forkable blogging tools. ( is one example that uses Asciidoc)


How about GUI tools for GitHub?


Maybe a bit of discussion about why (or why not) Git versus SVN or Mercurial.

  • Overview of what GitHub is… essentially a web application which makes it easier to use git repos compared with the CLI.


  • GitHub pages - supporting Markdown and AsciiDoc
  • Pull requests
  • In-line comments


Great topic. Here’s one angle to explore. How about using Github as a storage provider for docs that are published elsewhere. For example, publishing through CloudCannon but using Github to store the files.

It would also be interesting to learn how Reddit’s API docs get pushed from Github into their current templates.


These are all great ideas. I’ll add some discussion about GUI tools. I didn’t know about Staticgen or HubPress until now.

Thanks for your suggestions!