Seeking DITA education resources!


Hi folks!

I utilize DITA at work and I’m fairly new to it (~4 months now) and I feel like my company just isn’t utilizing it to its fullest potential. Does anyone have any great educational resources for DITA? I’ve come across some webinars and a handful of websites but nothing really about best practices. I’d love it if people would shoot me websites or documents or even conference information if there is anything regarding DITA!

Specifically we use DITA with Oxygen XMetaL Author and SDL Publication Manager and Trisoft upgrading to SDL Live Author. Our repository is fairly clean but I want to make sure we are keeping up to date on trends and not repeating mistakes that others have already documented.




Hi Kat,

There is a good book about DITA. If you are in Portland, the PDX DITA group started a book club and are discussing this book at their meetings.

DITA Best Practices: A Roadmap for Writing, Editing, and Architecting in DITA
Authors: Laura Bellamy, Michelle Carey, Jenifer Schlotfeldt
ISBN: 9780132480529

There is a group on LinkedIn named: DITA Awareness Group and that is a good source to ask questions or read responses to other questions. The oXygen XML documentation is good and they have their own group on LinkedIn where they post info.



There is also a dita-users Yahoo group:


Free online DITA course:

For Publication Manager, there is an SDL Users Group on LinkedIn: