Recommendations for Learning WordPress


I have a friend (no, really, I do) who uses WordPress for a business website. He outsourced all of it, and his resource has left him in the wind. He now needs to learn WordPress fast.

I have a WordPress class on my To Do list, so I can’t help.

Do you have any book, training, YouTube channel, or any other resources you would recommend for him to get started right away? He has no dev skills; he’s a small business owner.




I am a WordPress developer who spends most of his time working with small businesses and explaining what’s going on with WordPress to non-developers.

I learned WordPress by modifying and creating themes and plugins, and seeing how the dashboard reacts to these changes. I’m not sure how much time your friend has to put into learning the basics; if time isn’t really an issue, I’d recommend learning by setting up a sandbox version of the site and playing with various settings to see what happens.

If time is more of a concern, though, I’d be happy to give a tutorial over Skype, Hangouts or telephone. My email address is