Open source doc sprints


I’m looking for people who run or participate in open source doc sprints to interview in a webcast. I’ve been running sprints for the last six years, and I know quite a few other people who run them. I’m hoping to find some folks I don’t already know.


Hi Shaun,

I’d like to know – what are your experiences running open source doc sprints? What have you heard from others?


I actually wrote a piece for just last month with some of my experiences from running doc sprints, as well as hosting other teams’ sprints at Open Help:

tl;dr: Get the right people. Have an agenda. Be social.

I’ll be hosting more doc sprints at the Open Help Conference & Sprints next month. And I’ll be giving a talk on doc sprints at Ohio Linux Fest the week after that. I can give a lot of general tips, but in the end, you need to have a conversation to figure out what works best for your team and your community. I have friends in various projects who run sprints differently than I do. The one thing we all agree on is that sprints build better community when you keep the team together for social events. They aren’t nine-to-five events.


Wow. Cool Shaun. You sound like quite the doc community leader!


We did sprints at Write the Docs last year: – and will definitely be doing them again. I definitely helped organize and put them together, so I’d be happy to chat more about it. I also have a long background in sprinting from the OSS dev world, which is definitely what inspired me to become interested in doing it for writing as well.