NYC New York City Meetup: July 30th 6:30 PM


Hi! I’m Sharon. I run the New York City meetup group.

Would you come to a Write the Docs Meetup in NYC?

What would you want to do at the meetup? Listen to a speaker, socialize, work on projects, network, or something else? Let me know!


Hello, NYC Documentarians!

I’m trying to get a feel for our next meetup’s date!

Right now I’m thinking a Thursday evening after work.


July 30th

sound good?


I would be interested in the June 24th date.


I’m in for the 24th!


Thanks for the interest!

We are in the process of lining up a speaker, and it looks like we may move the date back to July 30th, a Thursday. I’ll confirm once I know for sure!


Alright, sounds fine because my availability for the 24th is gone.


Our next meetup is July 30th, a Thursday evening, at 6:30 PM.

RSVP here:


Matt will be speaking on:

How to collaborate with remote writers using an Agile-based approach

“Matt will share his experience at Google working with 5 writers based in Ireland and one based in Silicon Valley, in how they use a scrum model and Agile methodology to manage documentation projects. Matt will share the best practices from his wider team of 40+ technical writers on how they’ve used Agile to improve their response time and project tracking for new products launching in Google for Work.”

Interested? Sign up for the meetup!