Looking for EU Sponsors


We’re looking for a few more sponsors for our EU conference in Prague this year. If you think your company might be interested, it’s a great way to get your companies name out, and you might get to use the free tickets that come with sponsorship :smile:

Feel free to respond here, or PM/Email me at eric@writethedocs.org


Some questions… Who’s the audience? (Seems as if there are a lot of dev types here on the forums… if that’s the case, I might be able to talk my company into something, since some of you may have heard of Yubikeys?) Can you tell me more about what sponsorship entails and what it would give my company?


Yea, it’s mostly devs & tech writers. The tech writers tend to be more dev focused, and interested in newer tooling like Jekyll & Sphinx – a lot of the tools that the devs here are working on :smile:

I can email you a brochure for sponsorship that outlines everything if you send me an email. Each of the sponsorship packages generally come with a ticket or two, logos on the site, and an ability to address the audience at the conf for about a minute, to either hire or promote a product.


Hi Eric! Yes, please, email me some info. I dunno if I’ll have a chance to attend, and I’m unsure of my company’s interest in sponsorship. But we have a grassroots approach to dealing with dev types, and they do love our YubiKey (and yes, I dabble in GitHub, too)…