Looking for a technical tech writer in Redwood City, CA


I’m looking for a tech writer (install/config/admin) to join me at Interana in Redwood City, CA. You’ll be joining me as the second tech writer at a growing startup where we need someone who has experience writing admin docs: install, config, maintenance of our behavioral analytics software (including documentation about cluster management, data ingestion, API reference, and more).

As with any good startup job there’s always more to do, like helping me improve our documentation and community site and figuring out the best ways to structure and deliver our docs…basically, there’s room for experimentation and you’ll be making a huge contribution to Interana’s success.


Hi Neal. Will you consider remote candidates or must the candidate be on-site? Thanks!


Good question! The writer will need to be on site. We’re not at the point where we can effectively support remote contributors.