Librarians who doc?


Hi everyone,

How many of you have degrees in Information and Library Studies or Archives? I’m curious to see who all is out there; I met a handful of librarians working in libraries and librarians working in technical documentation positions at the conference. If there are enough folks out there, I’d like to explore a modified virtual meetup for those who are interested in such a meetup.


I have a Master of Information, and I doc. Hello! That said, my concentration was in Information Systems and Design, rather than library science.

It’s ALA-certified though, so I could be a librarian, in theory. I would be an odd hiring choice, though.


Information Systems folks are welcome too. :grinning: You already discovered that one does not have to work in a library after completing an ALA-certified degree. :wink:


Hello! I have an MLIS and I have recently talked my way into being the documentarian for my organization (yikes!). I don’t have a lot of tech writing experience yet, but would definitely like to keep in touch with other library-type doc writers.


Welcome aboard :smiley: What writing are you going to do in your organization?


I work for non-profit, so for now I’ll be helping to write procedural docs for my team and our org. We currently have no formal documentation strategy at all, so my main goal right now is to find a good tool (suggestions welcome!) and getting people to start thinking about writing documentation. Baby steps :smiley:


Thanks for starting this forum thread! I would definitely be interested in a virtual meetup. I am Portland-based and a recent MLIS graduate working in documentation and content strategy for academic journal publishing.


Welcome to the librarian hoard! :slight_smile:


:wave: Hi Maria! Glad you’re here.


@Ashley you alerted me to this thread! :+1: Glad we’re both here.

@yo_bj thank you!


I think about the work I do more and more as building a library. Read the Docs ( is basically a library of software documentation. I’ve been thinking more and more about how we can take traditional library ideals and apply it to our global, digital, library. So, count me as a librarian in training :slight_smile: