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Okay, I’ll bite!

My name is Kimli, and I’m a Senior Technical Writer in Vancouver, BC. My current role has me doing a lot of server admin work, but I really want to create and produce technical content. My background spans all kinds of technical writing, but I really shine in roles that require UI/UX collaboration with designers - one of my superpowers is to get to the root of what the end user needs. My favourite job to date has been running Discovery Workshops for a mobile software developer, which was all about turning random wishlists into project requirements and roadmaps for developers and clients.

TL;DR: I’m awesome. I can turn random brainstorming into usable content. Making life easier for the end user is my jam. Check me out.


I am looking for new opportunities as well. I like to fix bad documentation and I specialize in process/procedure (step by step) documentation. Check out my latest post on LinkedIn. I started a Technical Writer Quick Tip series a couple of months ago, and the latest tip was inspired, in part, by discussions on this forum.


I have 8 years of technical writing experience for a ERP solutions software company, Bangalore, India. I am now based in Eastchester, New York and looking for an opportunity here.
I have been involved in design and development of instructional content, including writing and editing self-paced tutorials, user manuals, technical guides, online help, release related documents, knowledge-base content and functional specifications; creating audio-video demo capsules and revision of existing training programs.

The documents created have been published as pdf, ppt, in YouTube, web as well as print for departments in-house, partner network, customer service executives and end users.
I have extensively worked on some authoring, graphic and audio-video capturing tools.
I hold a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, a post graduate diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism, a post graduate diploma in Technical Writing, diploma in Systems Management, a certificate in Instructional Design.


I currently provide tech and data support at Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading seller of asparagus water. I’d like to transition into a technical writing role. Some of my work is here:

I volunteer with the Ubuntu Documentation Team. I edit any wiki issues I see. Lately I have been working on the Server Guide: We use DocBook XML to generate HTML and PDF manuals. This year I organized a virtual doc sprint at the OpenHelp Conference.

I’m a staff writer for the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference. Our Jekyll-powered site is hosted with GitHub pages. Besides posting blog content, I also write press releases and provide copy editing for other writers:

If it’s nerdy and open source, I want to learn it. I’m taking a Python course and am (slowly) working through a project-based book on setting up LAMP stacks.

Before exploring tech writing, I was a freelance journalist for alt-weekly newspapers and a few online publications.


Hi, Ted! Your skills sound like a good fit at DigitalOcean! We write about open source Linux technologies all the time.

Check out the Technical Editor and Technical Writer positions!


Hi there,

I’m in the process of wrapping up an MS in Technical Communication and I’m looking to get my technical writing career started. I’m currently located in Portland, Oregon and I’m open to all sorts of relevant, early-career opportunities. You can learn more about me here.


Hi Suzy,

If you haven’t done so already, join our Write The Docs PDX meetup group. Come to some of our meetings. I know several people in the group who have also recently started their technical writing careers.

Get a ticket for the Write The Docs conference here in Portland in May. Student tickets are $75.

I know if we were looking for a technical writing intern (not impossible), I’d ask a candidate about their knowledge of code (JavaScript, JSON) and the command line (Linux and Windows).



Hi Mike,

I appreciate your response.

This year will be my third Write The Docs conference (my first as an active job-seeker), and I’m definitely looking forward to it. I’ve been meaning to check out the meetups; this seems like a good time to start!

Your point about coding is well-taken. I’ve spent time with JS and the command line in the past, but I should refresh those skills. JSON is less familiar to me, so I’ll be looking into it.



Hello all!

I’m a technical writer with 10 years of experience and I’m looking for work.

I specialize in procedural documentation for any and all users, and I have experience doing all kinds of things, from mobile interface text editing through creating and maintaining style guides and internal wiki pages.

Please take a look at my resume and portfolio here, and don’t hesitate to ping me if it looks like I can help you.


Hi! I’m looking for a new tech writing challenge in Melbourne, Australia. I have over 15 years experience writing user guides and training content. For the last 8 years, I’ve been working with the clever people at Opera Software in Norway, writing user-focused help content, and technical specifications for business customers.

My role at Opera was a bit of a mix, so I also maintained an internal knowledge base, created and ran training for new systems and tools, analysed and improved project processes and kept an eye on delivery team projects to make sure they ran smoothly.

I’d love to keep working with engineers, they’re fun to be around :smile: Please reach out if you know of a good opportunity, either contract or permanent. For details, see my LinkedIn profile: Many thanks!


I’m a consulting / contract technical writer based in San Francisco.

I’ve been designing, developing, and delivering focused, results oriented documentation solutions to large and small customers since 1998. Contact me if you need a 360-degrees set of skills combined with a proven ability to deliver complete and accurate solutions on schedule.

My skills and experience includes:

■ End-user Guides, Administrator Guides, Developer and API Guides, Quick Start Guides
■ Software Development, Python, Java, JavaScript, REGEX
■ Perforce, Subversion, Git, GitHub
■ Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise IT and networking, Security, Intranets
■ Topics-based Authoring, Templates and Workflows
■ Flare, oXygen XML, FrameMaker
■ Medical web sites, research and development (R&D), advertising

See also



My name is Mike and I’ve been doing TA work for the last 15 years. I also write a regular column on VBA Coding for Word for the ISTC (UK) magazine, Communicator.

I found out last Friday that I’m being made redundant at my current company after a decade (and a few weeks’) of being here. I’m looking to move into the contract TA area so that I can build up my knowledge and skillset after doing the ‘same sort of stuff’ for 10 years.

I’ve covered website work, application helptext and the usual run of “can you fix it”, “can you make it look like my colleague’s document”, plus authoring a few Word, Excel and PowerPoint add-ins as and when requested.

Currently based just outside Manchester (UK), but willing to relocate temporarily if the job suits.

Cheers :slight_smile:



My name is Mandar and I am ex-RedHatter with 12+ years of experience in technical writing. I have experience both as individual contributor and leading teams in developing and executing high-quality documentation projects from kickoff to launch across multiple domains.
I am looking for a TW position outside India. Please let me know if you have a good opportunity.
For details see my LinkedIn profile -