Jive Software in PDX hiring a writer


Job ad is here.

We’re looking for an early- to mid-career person who wants to learn about DITA and is social-media friendly. (Our product is an enterprise social collaboration platform, so you need to work in there and be excited about it.) We support a lot of different audiences, so there are chances to do a lot of different kinds of things. Young, fun, beer-y office in Downtown Portland. Existing docs group is small and populated with amiable literary ladies of a certain age, but we’d love to diversify. Hit me up for more information if you’re interested.


Hi there! Just checking up to see if you filled this writing position already. I’d love to be yanked back to Portland, especially by tech writing. I’m diddling around finishing up my MFA in Creative Writing in GA at the moment. I’d be happy to pass along my resume if you’re interested.

Thanks for your time!
Dustin Junkert


We just made an offer but thanks for your interest! Maybe next time.