Introduce Yourself


Introduce yourself here. Say hi!


For those that crave structure, here’s a template to get you started: Who you are, what you do, what problem you are trying to solve, what problems you can help others with

My name is Ian White, I am a Senior Manager, Technical Publications at Rackspace.

The problem I most want to solve is how to increase contributions to API documentation both internally and externally.

I can help others who are in the process of or are thinking about modernizing their content delivery platform, ux, and documentation.


Hi! My name is Monica Campbell. I am a technical editor for a utility company in Boise, Idaho. I am hoping to start a meet up group in Boise for technical communicators (writers, editors, documentation specialists, etc.) To share best practices, content management solutions, and SharePoint information. I can also share my knowledge of these areas.


I am technical writer for Red Hat, based in Brisbane, Australia. Even though I work in a large group of technical writers, I want to keep in touch with what’s happening outside these four walls.

How do I gain access to the WTD Slack channel?


Hi all, I’m an Australian expat, technical writer, living in Nuremberg, Germany and just recently came across Write the Docs. Looks like a great place to be a part of.


Hi Everyone,
I am a technical writer for Red Hat based in Ra’anana Israel. I am the only writer in the office here but I work on a small team. Would love to get WTD here in Israel as we are rather starved from conferences and meetups and there is a large audience of technical writers. I am a US expat, and have been a living in Israel for 17 years and a technical writer for 13. I love the idea of WTD and am hoping to get more involved.


Hi Russell,
You need to contact Mike Jang and get permission.


Hello everyone :smile:

My name is Ricardo Mendes.
I am a software developer that is currently part of the Ember.js documentation team.

I am looking to share experiences and solutions on maintaining Guides and API-style documentation for versioned software projects like Ember.js.


Hi - my name is Russell Dickenson.

I’m a technical writer, currently working for Red Hat in Brisbane, Australia. This is my first technical writing role, and I’ve been at it for the past 4.5 years, so still very much a noob.

I have been in the tech industry for about 30 years, first as a Novell Netware SysAdmin, then Microsoft Windows Server (etc) SysAdmin for about 20 years, and now a technical writer.

I am a keen FLOSS advocate, though very much on the pragmatic side of the fence. In my spare time I like to contribute to FLOSS projects, with testing, feedback and documentation.


I forgot to mention that I’m also an idiot. I forgot I’d provided a very brief introduction earlier in this thread. :blush:



My name is Ricardo N Feliciano and I am a Developer Evangelist at CircleCI.

I just want to see good docs, both at my company as well as the industry as a whole. Specifically, I am interested in ways to make more dynamic, user-centric docs. Features such as ‘time to read’ really motivate me.


Hi everyone,

My name is Doraly and I study programming by my own. Recently I’ve been interested in learning about technical writing, specially about docs translations.

What I would like is to find sources to get started and hopefully someone able to guide me in to it.


Hey everyone, my name is Dave Vogel, and I am currently a full time student, finishing up my computer science degree. Previously, I was a technical writer at 3D Systems. I was originally a music teacher. Documentation ties in nicely with my love of teaching and writing.

I am interested in discussing and learning about ideas for producing inspiring documentation.


Doug from Seattle here. Long-time programming-writer currently working on AWS SDK for Ruby. I write a lot of code both as doc examples/samples and as tools/utilities to automate tasks.

I am curious where I’m headed next as I am thinking about retirement in a few years. Maybe I’ll teach, who knows?


Hi, I’m a Technical Communication major just about to graduate in a few weeks with a BS in Tech Comm, AS in Computer Science. I’m trying to get into tech writing, but not exactly sure what type - software documentation, probably, but I’m not 100% sure. What I do right now is fret about what should be in my portfolio, and what it should look like. I’d like to help others who are busting at the seams with advice for n00bs like me find someone to impart said advice on (ie, myself). =D

I also do pro bono graphic design/illustration work of a technical nature for the Taproot Foundation, which I also hope to incorporate into my career. I have a background in design, but for the entertainment industry and I’m trying to build a more technical-oriented design/illustration portfolio as well.


Hello. My name is Frank Solomon.

I started as a Microsoft stack developer - VB / / etc. with heavy work in SQL Server 20**. I then extended out to Google Cloud development and some iPhone work.

Almost accidentally, I discovered that I love to write. I began selling articles, and I launched my blog BitVectors to showcase my development / writing skills and advertise my personal brand. I definitely want to transition to a technical writing opportunity. I can craft original work, and I can recraft / restructure / revise existing work.

I live in the Los Angeles area, so local is nice, but I can handle remote opportunities - from ten time zones away, I rebuilt the documentation for Kueri.

Lastly, I’d like to plug into the Los Angeles WTD space, and even help build that space if it does not yet exist . . .