Importing Wide Excel Table into Word

Hi All,
I am new here and have a question if someone can answer. I’ve started a new job where I was to be mentored by the tech writer there but he has no time. There are no standards in place, so I don’t know how they want things to be. Anyway, I’m working being pro-active and doing my best but I got stuck on something the other day. The tech writer told me he has handled this before and there is a better way than what I came up with, But he didn’t tell me so having me chase him for three days.
If you receive an Excel table with 20, 30, 40 columns, what are the best ways to place them on a Word doc? I’ve suggested inserting as Excel spreadsheet or as an Icon, or breaking the table in chunks (not the best way I see). He said no to all but promised to show me how he has done it before. I would very much love to hear some solutions from someone here.
Thanks and regards.

This happens showbox in most cases this days. Have you a backup of your content of the excel sheet as of now?


A common problem these days. Do remember to take a backup of your content. Hope it helps.

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