Ideas for next year


+1 to keeping the Writing Day. I like the way it was loosely structured; it allowed me to work on multiple projects and make connections with other attendees before the main conference.


I’m not sure how much @ericholscher is monitoring this topic, so I’ll step in to let y’all know that this year’s organizers have already been talking about ways to make next year’s Writing Day even more awesome. It is most definitely a keeper!

But keep the props coming – the more people say they want it, the better the planning can be :smiley:


Based on the positive community response so far to this WTD forum, I think a Lightning Talk about the WTD forums would be fun to do. I’ve already benefited from the collective wisdom of fellow writers. It’s a huge help when one is the sole tech writer in an organization. :slight_smile:


If folks are interested in an in-conference chat feature, I’d encourage looking at Kaiwa, as well. It has many of the same features as Slack, is very well done, is open source, and can be deployed as a Docker image on Digital Ocean (so there would be minimal fuss for conference organizers to set it up).

I know that Slack’s service is free-as-in-money to use, but I like to support use of open source tools when I can, especially when they are good tools and are easy to implement.


I work for DigitalOcean so I can help out with stuff like this! (I actually set up this forum on one of our servers.)