Ideas for next year


What should we do at Write the Docs next year?


A live stream for those who cannot come to the conference would be very helpful, if $ is a concern maybe charge a marginal fee to help cover that. I’d recommend getting in touch with Code4Lib conference planners about how they managed it.


A conference chat room like Slack, Google Hangouts, etc - I’d love to be able to chat with people, make connections, etc during the conference!


Here’s a small thing.
At other conferences I’ve seen badges that list the person’s company on their badge, as well as secondary flags/stickers/ribbons that describe the type of work they do.
It could be helpful to know at a glance if an attendee is a developer or writer, or whether they work in a similar industry as you, etc. The ribbons can get over-done, but they can be helpful in moderation!

Here’s a big thing.
East coast Write the Docs? :smile:


Yes, please - that would be great. I think new people would come and benefit. (Come to Raleigh! :slight_smile: ) Or wherever.

I like the ribbon idea, too.


I’ve been going back and forth on this for the last two days. I ended up where I kind of like having to ask people about themselves, where they’re from and what they do.


I try to force myself to do this, but I know I am more likely to introduce myself if I catch a glimpse of a badge that seems relevant to my work/team/company.

It’s a crutch, haha!


Me too! It’s something I have to work at. Glad I’m not alone! :smile:


This is a small thing, but the women’s t-shirts seem to be running pretty small. I took a large and it is too small. I looked this morning for a women’s extra large, but they seem to be gone.


Just saw this on Twitter… It looks like the videos are recorded and posted on the next day:


I’m pretty sure we’ll leave the badges as they are.

One of the fundamental ideas of Write the Docs is that we are all the same, regardless of our profession or employer. Having people self-identifying as a specific type of documentarian works against this idea. Going into a conversation without pre-conceived notions of who people are and what they do is fundamentally valuable and powerful.

Relatedly, we had an arts and crafts station, and nobody put their profession or company on their badges in an ad hoc manner. If it was fundamentally useful, I imagine it would self-organize.


Shirt sizing is basically impossible. We ordered a bunch of extra M/L because they have been the ones that got taken quickly in previous years, but other than ordering 25-30% more shirts than attendees, there’s always going to be a set of shirts that run out (we normally do 10-15% more) :frowning:

We try to buy women’s shirts that are reasonably sized, but it’s really hard. We should definitely mention that in the order form next year though :smile:


Slack would have been great! :smiley: Also, a good way to “sell” Slack to those folks who haven’t had a chance to experience how awesome it is.


That makes sense for the majority of people at the conference. I met a lot of people over the week, but nobody did what I do. In fact, my other three teammates were in the same boat re: trying to find people like us. :frowning:


Alas, I did not know that the arts and crafts station was at the main conference :frowning:

It’s interesting to see this discussion; in my little corner of the world an attendee has to deal with other people’s implicit biases in regards to job title and the type of work place listed under her/his/hir name. At the same time, though, you cannot connect with those who do similar work if the information is not there. I lean towards Eric’s suggestion about giving people the option to self-identify themselves as long as organizers provide multiple advertisements/reminders that people can do so. :smile:


The idea of the unconference is to unite people who care about similar things. If you want to find folks who care about the same stuff, post a topic, tweet about it, and make it happen :slight_smile: We can definitely do more to get people into the unconf space, and inform people of the events down there.


I agree with Eric that the badges shouldn’t change. Having to choose a title for our conference badges would force us to box ourselves and actually hinder those who are looking to expand or change their roles!


My wife wears an XS women’s shirt, and I saw several women her size or smaller, but no XS shirts.


Yeah, I know the options are pretty bad. Thanks for addressing the concern, and definitely a good idea to bring it up with the vendor!


Are y’all keeping track of things to keep doing? The Writing Day before the conference was a great way to contribute to real projects and meet people.