Ideas for future meetups



I wanted to share some ideas for meetups, beyond what’s currently posted at – this is from what I’ve posted recently in our #meetup-organizers slack channel.

  1. Help with the Write the Docs “Call for Proposals”. Every year, WtD runs two conferences. We encourage new speakers. To that end, for Portland, I’ve set up an annual meetup called “Networking with a side of Write the Docs Proposals”. The link is to a past event.

  2. Help others understand the tech skills required to do our jobs, beyond documentation. Frequently, that requires software skills… discussion from #meetup-organizers here:

A discussion in #career-advice made me realize that at least in PDX, a number of our members need info on the software they need to learn to qualify for certain jobs. To that end, some software firms require (or at least prefer) writers with developer / QA / sysadmin experience.

I’m thinking about building a future meetup topic on the subject – and I’m guessing the same topic could work for every meetup – i.e. we could have documentarians describe the skills they need (e.g. Java, Ruby, C#, Drupal, Linux, SQL, bash, etc.) to do their jobs well – to understand the PoV of their technically-oriented user base.

I believe this topic could work as a:

  • Roundtable – where every attendee takes a minute or two to share what they need to know
  • Lightning talks – where a few attendees take a few minutes, probably with slides, to go into more depth
  • Featured speaker – where a documentarian from an in-demand firm (we know who they are) describes their job requirements in-depth.

The discussion in #career-advice has convinced me that the actual list varies – but hearing the list from each other would benefit us all (especially newer and student documentarians)

  1. Joint meetups. WtD PDX is having an upcoming meetup with the local Linux User Group.

In essence, this particular user group is always looking for speakers, and is open to anything related to open-source. @kvantomme happened to be in town in time for their monthly meeting, so we have a “confluence” of interests :slightly_smiling_face:

I can visualize joint meetups with other groups on other topics, e.g. Agile, Continuous Docs with DevOps, UX Text, Content Strategy, Accessibility.

(aka, if there are meetup groups in your area with similar titles, consider a joint meetup with them).