How to watch your cat while attending Write the Docs


I posted at article on LinkedIn called “Turning an android phone into a cat cam”. The topic is based on a home network configuration I did before leaving town for the conference last month. I was able to keep tabs on my cat as she slept, ate, and played at home. It was pretty awesome to be able to check in on her. Some people at the conference were interested in finding out how I did it, so I wrote it up and created a short video.

P.S. The quality of the video stream on my Nexus 5 is way better than what you see in the screenshots I posted with the article. What I posted in the article are the zoomed in shots. The zooming in reduces the quality.


I receive the message, “Sorry, this post is no longer available.”


Strange. Here is the text of the post.

The following information will help you use the IP Webcam android phone app to check in on your pets or home from anywhere.

Note: These instructions don’t go into details of the IP Webcam app. You get it from the Google Play store, and it’s pretty straightforward and simple to use. Just make sure you follow the instructions below if you want to access the web camera’s video stream remotely.

Before you begin:

You need the internal IP address (eg. and external IP address (eg. for the router/gateway used by your home network. For instructions, see

You also need the current IP address of the android phone you want to access remotely. Follow these instructions:

  1. Install the IP Webcam app on your phone and start streaming.
  2. Write down the IP that’s displayed at the bottom of the screen (eg.


Next, follow the instructions in the video below (1:40), which explains how to configure your network to allow the stream to be viewed remotely.

After you complete the configuration, enter x.x.x.x:8080 (where x.x.x.x is the external IP address for your router, eg. to open the stream remotely from any browser window.


Thanks for the heads up. That’s strange. I posted the contents in the thread. Thanks again. I can’t figure out why it would say that.

Unfortunately, I can’t add the pictures on here (adding pics is blocked for new users), but that’s pretty minor anyway.