How to specify "use the latest version"?


Hi All the Writers!
Señora Google is coming up short and I think this might be the right WTD forum to ask. I am trying to specify that users should install the latest stable release of Apache Tomcat and it isn’t obvious [to me] if there is a best practice to do this.

Here are some attempts:
Apache Tomcat 7.x.x where x is the latest.stable.version
Apache Tomcat 7.x.<latest.stable.version>
Apache Tomcat 7.x.x[latest.stable.version]
Apache Tomcat 7.0.latest

Thanks in advance!


If I’m understanding this correctly, I don’t think there’s a bestway. It depends on what Tomcat actually considers to be a stable version number.

Personally, I wouldn’t list a specific version at all and say “Install the latest stable version” with the words linked to the Tomcat install page which should be pushing the latest version.


Sorry I was not clear. The point is that I don’t want to list a specific version, the latest version changes as soon as the guide is published–I want to say use the latest version (we can forget about the “stable” part for now, a beta version is discouraged is the gist of why I am saying “stable”)–I am looking for the right convention to say “use the latest version” of software in a command line, how you would indicate syntactically “newversion.x.[latest]”–maybe there isn’t a best convention.

I provide tomcat install page and also write simply “use the latest stable version”. There are install instructions, command lines containing “tomcat.x.x” and that is where I am looking for correct/optimal syntax.