How do you create HTML documents?


Looking for ways to create nice (or decent) HTML documentation.
Not the one that is generated, but one that we need to write such as user guides or How-Tos.

Currently have used Word and imported into RoboHelp.

Requirements is that it should be easy to maintain and share the source documents between writers and developers.
Output process should be easy.
Expensive CMS and SW is not an option.

What would you use?



How are these documents supposed to be accessed, via your public website? Are they internal facing docs only? How you create them depends on the platform you’re using to serve them up.


We use github (markdown), and github pages to turn it into a site.

Markdown is relatively easy to learn


My experience has been that AsciiDoc markup and the Asciidoctor processor are an excellent combination for producing good-looking HTML output. This approach has the advantage that when you need more output formats, they’re available from the same source.