Help me choose a publishing platform for software documentation / help desk


I’m in the very lucky position of being able to choose a publishing platform for my next company.

What should I choose?

  • The content will primarily be software documentation and use cases.

  • Relates to the open source project Kubernetes, which is written in Go. We’ll be referencing code snippets from this project, but the company does not directly control the source code.

  • Some docs will be public, some will be internal use only for the support team, and some will be “customers only” for clients. Ideally one set of docs would be the single source of truth, but they would have different levels of access. In a dream world the support team might even be able to add private sections to a public doc?

  • Will have to work out of the box at first, although I’d like the option to add new stuff later. New stuff could include anything from custom styles for visual presentation, to running automated tests on the content.

At first glance I’m thinking reStructuredText and Sphinx, but what do y’all recommend?