Hello From a Lone Writer in Brisbane, Australia


Hey there everyone.

I’ve been following the #writethedocs hashtag on Twitter, and decided to come along and join up.

I have come from a large writing team at Red Hat Brisbane to a team of one at Ladbrokes Digital Australia. And I have to say I’m a little bit starved for TechComms chat.

So, what I hope to get out of this forum is professional interaction and the occasional tip about writing practice so I don’t stagnate in a bubble.


Welcome Jared! PM me your email address (or DM@TheMikeJang) and I’ll send you an invite to our Slack channel.

Many of us are the only writers in our companies / offices, so we understand!


Thanks for reaching out @mikejang
My public email is jaredleonmorgan@gmail.com. It’s everywhere on the internet, so no issues with broadcasting it here. :smile:


Invite sent :)…


Wait… we have a Slack channel? How does that work?

Oh, and welcome from another lone writer in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.


Hi Alan, Slack is an alternative to Skype and HipChat. If you’d like an invite, give me your email address (here or by PM/DM)


As a former Red Hatter as well (early years, Raleigh-based), welcome to a great forum! Hope you’ll find it to be as helpful and supportive as I have. :slight_smile:


Hi Mike, I’d love to be involved in the Slack channel. I’m feeling like a lone technical writer in Nuremberg, Germany (originally from Australia). My email address is matthew@matthewsetter.com.


As a fellow Australian, welcome. I feel like a bit of a lone writer as well. I’m living in Nuremberg, Germany these days.


Hey Jared!
Hope you are all settled and things are going well for you. I understand how you feel as a lone writer and as one who works on a team as well. Feel free to reach out on the forum, you will find there will be lots who will listen!

I am getting started here in Israel and am getting ready to have our very first meetup.

  • Laura


Hey Laura

Yep, life at Ladbrokes is pretty awesome. Being the only writer gives me a huge opportunity to add value across the business.

So much to do. All of it new and interesting.


Darn, what a miss! I was just in Brisbane for the whole month of November. I attended the Write the Docs conference here in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR) in 2015 and intend to be there again this year with other members of my team. Love to chat with you more about all things docs.


Hey there mate. Ping me any time on writethedocs.slack.com

Always happy to chat.


It’s been fantastic seeing your adventures post-Red Hat @jaredmorgs, and great seeing some Brisbane representation. I suppose I don’t qualify as a Brisbane local these days in expat mode, but maybe we can rally some more of the alumni and current crew to get involved?


I’d be happy to do that if there were any Writers in Brisbane willing to get involved. Last time I looked there were not many, if any.

If there were, they would have volunteered to assist with the TWIA sessions in Brisbane.

I’d be happy to be wrong on this one. Brisbane needs more Writers that want to be part of a community larger than their organization.


@jaredmorgs the entire tech writing community in Australia needs more people who want to be part of something more than just their organisation, I reckon :smile: