Handy tools for writers


This list of tools is pretty great.



Another one:




Love this idea :smile:

One of the biggest things that I use is live previews for markup, so that I can work in them quickly and easily:


Thanks for those links. I write in Vim + Markdown + Pandoc = HTML, and have a plugin for Vim that will preview my text in a browser, but the output can be less than optimal at times. Those Markdown previews will be a big help.


Great list of tools!

As an aside, my team and I just launched a tool (thursday) for documentation writers. It’s called doctant and you can find it @ https://www.doctant.com/

We were just featured on Product Hunt as well: producthunt.com/tech/doctant

If would be awesome if any of you guys/gals can check it out and provide some feedback!


I would want quite a bit more information before signing up for a free trial for your product. It’s great that the interface and output both seem simple and sleek, but I need to know more. Version control? Single sourcing? Collaborative features? Does “point your domain to it” mean docs will always be hosted on your servers? Is there documentation for your documentation tool anywhere?




  1. If you sign up, we’re not going to spam you in case that’s one of your concerns.

  2. No version control yet, we do plan on integrating w/ github and allowing you to export your docs to most popular extensions.

  3. Collaboration is being built out now as we speak

  4. We’d host your docs - you can just create a cname and point your domain to it i.e., docs.jorunnix.com -> read.doctant.com/{your documentation url}.

  5. No documentation, it’s dead simple right now. If you do have any questions there are ways to send the team a message in the app.

Thanks for the response! I hope that clears up any confusion / inquiries you may have. If not ask away!

p.s. Did I mention it’s free as in, no trial?


Thanks for answering! Your product does look interesting. Just to clarify, this is all information I’d expect to find on-site before giving out my email address and signing up for a trial. It’s not a spam thing, it’s a “What is this thing, what can it do and is it worth testing” thing – I couldn’t really figure that out without signing up, and that’s a bit of a showstopper for me.


Hi Navd,

You’re presenting a new tool to documentarians, and I cannot find any documentation on your product.

Do you have any documentation on how to use your tool?