Greetings from Melbourne, Australia


Hello fellow documentarians (I love this word for a tech writer),

My name is Swapnil and I am a Tech Writer based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been closely following the #writethedocs movement (isn’t that what it is) and would love to connect and chat with other fellow tech writers from all over.

After working a number of years as the sole technical writer on a number of projects, I currently enjoy working with 2 other tech writers in my current team at National Broadband Network (NBN) Australia, in a larger team of about 20 other tech writers throughout the business. I am also working on a couple of freelancing projects online and use Madcap Flare + Git for the project documentation.

Good to be here, in such august company. :smile:



Hi Swapnil, great to see you here :smile:

Tom in Thailand


Hi Swapnil,

I’m Michael. I work as QA at a fintech here in Melbourne. Writing documentation often falls to me.

I’d like to push some improvements in the way we document our APIs and processes at my workplace. Excited to join this community and soak up its collective knowledge and experience.

Best wishes,


Hi swapnilogale, It is pleasure to meet you here. Hope you are doing well. Let’s keep updated.