ForgeRock is Hiring a (very technical) Tech Writer (Portland OR area)



If you live in the PDX area, consider working with us at ForgeRock. We work on Identity Relationship Management software.

Here’s a link to apply via Jobvite.

In the words of my manager (who is based in Grenoble):

ForgeRock still has open positions in many locations. One of those is for a writer based in our Vancouver, WA office (across the river from Portland, OR).

Be forewarned. This is challenging, hands-on technical writing and reverse engineering work. If you are looking for a gig where you can remain in your comfort zone, skip this one.

On the other hand, if you feel that most things worth doing are tough in the beginning, take a closer look and apply for the job.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them here, or DM me in the WTD Slack channel. We are looking for a local area candidate.



Yay Mike! I hope someone updates or does something with the YubiKey integration. I work at Yubico. I think so far your docs only doc the OATH (HOTP or TOTP) integration, but super lightly. Maybe you can get a new writer who can ping the devs and get a deeper integration going? :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Hi Sue – thanks for asking! I’ve DM’d you with an idea.


FYI, we’re still looking (I gather we hope to start formal interviews soon!)


I’m going to elaborate, based on what I’ve done for the past 4+ years:

I spend most of my day at the Unix command line, running our software in Linux VMs (in different configurations), analyzing (and sometimes editing) JSON files. The SME info that I get is in Epics, PRs, and demos — the same info given to our QA.

I analyze new dev from a SysAdmin (and sometimes DevOps) PoV — what would they need to do to put our software into production.

On my first day at ForgeRock, our site boss told me: “Mike, if you’re doing your job, you’ll be the first line of QA.” And it’s true; the writers at our company file our share of bug reports.