End-User Docs for SaaS


Does anybody do end-user documentation for a SaaS app? My colleagues and I write for a public-facing Knowledge Base, and would love to talk about consistency, tone, style guide, and best practices for laypeople.

If there are some of you interested in that, let’s start a thread in ShopTalk.


I do, for ForgeRock. I’d love to be part of this discussion. Thank you.


And I do, for a new Symantec security product managed in the cloud. UI text, inline UA, Help/KB pages. Audience is experienced admins, novice admins, end users. I’d love to hear about what y’all are doing, and share what we’re muddling through …


I do for Kount but right now, we’re transitioning to MindTouch and still developing standards and practices to be shared between me, the lone technical writer, and the merchant services team (support), since we will all be contributors.