Do you do usability testing on your docs?


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for resources on putting our docs through formal usability testing. Links? Training? Lessons learned?

Any and all tips welcome. Thanks in advance!



Hi Alicia,

We’re currently running our docs through usability testing too. We’re using a company called “whatusersdo”, not free I’m afraid. However, it’s been very helpful so far…when they read the instructions you give them that is!

We’ve also done some internal training too - making sure those who actually use the docs daily get to play with it, using the same kind of tests.

That way we’ve had a good balance of those who are purely there for testing its functionality, against those who know the ins&outs and so who might have a bit of industry insight and will already have an opinion of what they need from them.

Hope that helps in some way!


We don’t do usability testing, most of the time we can’t even get a full technical review. The tech review would be nice. The usability test would be tricky because I suspect that often it would be a critique of the user interface, which we have very little control over. Our product has a GUI but ultimately most customers end up using the API, so there is no will or real requirement to revamp the GUI. Redesigning GUIs is an enormous undertaking.



Can you please explain what you get from usability testing, what are the results? And how is it set up?

BR, S.