Destroy our docs -- SpatialOS, a16z & Improbable


Hey there,

I have had our engineers write our documentation which I am actually pretty proud of, have a look:

You think you can do better? Join us!

Here at Improbable I am on the hunt for someone who can evangelise our tech and successfully write about it. We are building SpatialOS, a simulation platform that can solve many problems from gaming to city-planning to health.

Check out Worlds Adrift ( for instance, where we have managed to build a full-physic gaming world (from trees to grappling hooks to ships) without running into problems with the Unity engine load balancing and demand structure. Or how about our simulation of the internet found here:

Next to that, we are one of the two London funded a16z startups and were voted the 38th smartest company in the world by MIT in 2015 (

The role is that of an writer/evangelist, at first you will be responsible for reviewing and auditing all of our technical documentation which is a vital aspect of growing our business and engaging with developers globally. As you’ve seen above we already have our docs ‘live’ but we believe we can do much better.

The docs will range from simple user guides to heavyweight API documentation, however we envisage the creation of new material across all forms of media (video, blogs, forums and more). Inevitably the scope of this role will develop further as we engage further with a range of business verticals.

The ultimate goal is to facilitate the smooth on-boarding of a wide range of clients and to ensure they are using our powerful technology to its full potential. Also there is a lot of community work in this one and a very pivotal one as we scale up and emerge from stealth mode.

Does this read like you, send me a message on and let me tell you what we are up to here at Improbable.



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