Denver/Boulder WTD Meetup?


I am interested in starting a Denver/Boulder Meetup Group and am wondering if anyone is game? TY!


I’m a volunteer for another organization, so I can’t commit to getting this going, but I’ll attend.


I sit on two boards, too, so I get it. Glad to hear you’ll attend. TY.


Hi Michelle! I’d love to help start a Denver/Boulder Meetup! I have a friend and colleague who is also interested so that would make 3. Send me a PM at


It’s actually me who is starting it up. I will PM you soon. TY.


Super! I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


You can count me in!

I recommend promoting the group at the Denver/Boulder Content Strategy meetup (which I also participate in). There’s probably a fair amount of crossover in expertise, so I’m sure this group would interest many from that group.



Hi all,
I started a Boulder/Denver Write The Docs Meetup. Join up and let me know if you’d like to be a co-organizer!



Hi Bri,

Congrats on taking the first step! A couple of us have re-tweeted your announcement.

Let us know what we can do to help. If you want to ask nitty gritty questions, I’ll be happy to share the experiences that I’ve had organizing WTD PDX.



Hi Mike,

Thank you for the re-tweets and the offer to help! I’m sure that there will be many nitty gritty questions. If you have any dos or don’ts to offer right off the bat I would appreciate hearing them!



Thanks for taking the lead on this.


My pleasure! Looking forward to meeting my fellow documentarians! -bri


Public thanks to Bri for agreeing to speak to our local chapter of STC! There was some buzz about the topic at our meeting last night, Bri. Yay!


Suggestion: might be a good opportunity for a “joint meetup”. Just know that WTD and STC aren’t identical.


I thought the same thing, but we charge nonmembers to cover the cost of food. Wasn’t sure if that would be a problem for a WTD meetup.



Three personal observations (my opinion only):

  1. A feature of Write The Docs is its friendliness towards open source, in the “free as in beer” way.
  2. At least in the Portland area, the Meetup landscape is competitive – most tech meetups offer “free” food and beverages.
  3. When I started writing, I know I was intimidated by the fees associated with STC. To me, it didn’t seem worth the trouble (especially with additional per meeting fees) even before the age of online job ads.

With that in mind, we’ve had successful meetups in

  • restaurant meeting rooms (people buy their own)
  • potlucks (a joint meetup with the local DITA group)

We’ve had various sponsors who have hosted, provided food and beverages, etc. I’m grateful to all of them, and try to give them a chance to talk about their companies, especially if they have interesting job openings.


  1. Exactly, which is why I didn’t suggest a joint program.
  2. Not sure about Denver.
  3. Don’t blame you in regard to STC. Chapters are all a bit different. We have free webinars for members and non-member students. $5 for others. We have free meetings including food for members if we aren’t paying speaker expenses. The meeting is free for non-members, but the food isn’t. I think it’s a bylaw thing. If we pay speaker expenses, then we do charge for the meeting. It’s not ideal, but at least some meetings are free.

One of the attractions of WTD is the open source culture. No dues, no bylaws, etc. I find it more fluid too. I love it.

I’ll keep a joint program in the back of my mind for next year. It would be interesting to get folks from both groups chatting in the same room.