Contract solo tech writer opportunity at Accenture, remote OK, 6 months


Great opportunity for a technically-minded writer who doesn’t mind working solo. The product: Accenture Cloud Platform, a cloud management platform…and much more. The job offers variety: API docs are the most immediate need, but you’ll write conceptual and reference content on various aspects of cloud computing as well as contribute to in-product help text, assist with user interface issues, maintain an editorial style guide and help the service desk communicate clearly.

The tools we use are Confluence for internal docs and Jekyll for a yet-to-be-launched external website. You’ll have plenty of input on the design of the site as well as on the workflows for review, build, and deploy. You must be comfortable with these kinds of tools and with building things on your own to show how it’s done.

You’ll work most closely with people based in the SF Bay area and in the UK. You’ll be a member of a distributed team and will report into the product management organization. You will be the only writer.

Contract duration: 6 months

This job is my replacement as I move on elsewhere. Contact me with your questions.


Hi Julie. how long is the contract for?


Hi Mark–
There’s no specific length for the contract. I’ve been there since March, and my contract was for a year.


Hi Julie. Thanks for that. If it was a permanent role I’d be interested.


Hi JulieMac,

Has your role been filled? I worked for Accenture in 2007 in Houston, TX as an Executive Assistant. I now have a Masters of Science in Technical Communication and would be interested in hearing more about this role if its still available.

Thank you,

Cathy Cordes