Best Doc Management System?


Hi there,

I’m a Boston-based writer, tech writer, editor and writing coach helping one of my clients research the strongest Document Management System that fits their needs. It will be used for both a Knowledge Base and for strict access control and document change control. I would love to hear of any recommendations, warnings, experiences or otherwise with current DMS tools.

Thanks very much!


Can you say a little bit more about the type/size of organization and what kind of people comprise it? Some systems are much “geekier” than others and are geared more toward certain types of documents than others.


Hi there,

I apologize for the delay in responding. I was travelling for work and got behind on email. This was a startup - has now grown to approx. 150 employees. They would like a system that has excellent and flexible role and access assignment, version control, the ability to build customized workflows for email or other alerts when a key document changes the ability to create and manage a knowledge base and not high ongoing admin requirements.

Is that helpful? Thanks so much for helping me think about this.


This is related and I hope the right place to ask about the following issue. I am looking to use Confluence as a Doc management system for a KB to face our external clients, but one of the problems I am running into is our software is proprietary and we do not want the KB to be open to the public. (we already use confluence for our internal purposes and I think it would be easy to copy some pages to a new space)

Additionally, our clients are enterprise and we don’t have email addresses of everyone who will access the KB. It is possible to setup a restriction such that only users who have email addresses ending in would be able to sign up to access our KB. One of the other options we are considering for this is Zendesk, since we are already using it for our ticket management system. Looking for suggestions, best practices, Ideas.


After reading your queries I can say Document360 will fit your space. We have solved similar documentation needs. Document360 is predominently designed for SaaS products.
In fact, the product is built on basis of solving our own documentation challenges for our other products. I have highlighted the features what you are looking for and also I have listed the remaining features.
Top features
*Version management & visualization of differences
*In-line search
*Collaboration features such as article commenting
*Article metadata such as tags & SEO settings
*Folder structure of categories & subcategories
*Code syntax highlighting
*Support for callouts in text, tables & image/video embedding
*Customizable branding
*Integration with 3rd-party vendors such as Intercom & Google Analytics
*Role-based permissions
*Private/public viewing modes
*Custom domain mapping
watch the demo video