Basic Websocket API Question


Hello Everyone:

Suppose someone wrote docs for an API that is all of these things:

Websocket API
Google’s protobuf
ASP model

Suppose those docs had a table of contents. What would it list?

For example, a software application might include Installation, Logging On and Off, Customizing the UI, Setting Preferences, Doing X, Doing Y, Doing Z, etc.

The FIX protocol specs I’ve worked on include: Session Details, Tag Requirements, Header and Footer Formats, Session Messages (includes logon and logoff), Outgoing Application Messages, Incoming Application Messages, Reject Messages.

Some API docs I’ve seen look like codes dumps of hierarchies of interfaces, collections, structures, enumerations, methods, properties, and events.

In the most basic terms, what does a websocket API doc look like for someone outside of the profession of writing API docs?


P.S. This is likely one of the few places I can publicly recognize Lois Patterson for being a helpful and kind API resource, so I’m doing that now. Thank you, @LoisRP.


The Mozilla iteration looks pretty good to me –, though I’d personally prefer a doc that walks a reader though the creation process.