Atlassian Confluence Losing Significant Customization Options


Atlassian has announced that they are slowly “rolling out” a new editor and deprecating the <style>, <div>, and <span> tags for Confluence Cloud. This leaves my company, who has done significant branding and has a style guide we’ve enforced everyone to use, in a lurch. What’s more, they’ve told us they can not give us a time estimate of when that is expected to occur, they are just “rolling it out” over time, but as soon as the new editor hits our installation, those tags will be immediately deprecated. My company is severely displeased how they have continued to place Confluence Cloud in a box and are adding few, if any (we can customize the logo and colors in table cells, but that’s pretty much it–no CSS, JS, or custom HTML beyond their macros of markdown), customization options. We are only using it as an Intranet, btw. Therefore, do any of you have decent Open Source or other products you recommend, I’d love to hear them. (The only one that I know about currently is MediaWiki and its big sister, BlueSpice.) Thank you, in advance!