API/SDK refs - one tool to rule them all?


Hi - I’d like to upgrade our SDK reference guides and process to something more manageable, easier to use, and prettier to look at.
We currently have 3 SDK references live (.NET, Java, JavaScript) and it’s growing all the time. We use 3 different tools to generate each ref (Document!X, JavaDoc, JSDoc), and they have a broad range of ease of use for us writers and nice output design for our readers.
I’ve been told that “what we have is the best there is” and “there aren’t any other tools” but i find that hard to believe - we just haven’t found them yet.
Ideally I’d like something like swagger, but that seems to exist only for RESTful APIs. Also ideally, I’d like one tool and output look and feel for all our references, all publicly available online, all searchable.

What API/SDK ref doc tools do you use and why do you like them?


Document!X is the only tool I’ve heard of than supports all of those:



Thanks! Somehow this message had gone to my junk mail. We’re already using DocX for some things, but find it not very user friendly. Do you use it, and how?


I used it once around ten years ago to automate generation of docs for a COM library. The learning curve was a bit steep but once I got it set up I was impressed by its capabilities. I still haven’t seen another tool that wrapped updateable docs generated from source code in manually written docs a la Flare or FrameMaker.