Announcing Presentations, EU Dates, and a Questionnaire


Announcing Presentations and Speakers

It’s here! We have chosen the line up for Write the Docs NA 2016
and we’re tremendously excited to share it with you.
It was harder than ever to decide on the final talks this year,
and we thank everyone who took the time and thought to submit a proposal.
We couldn’t do it without you – all of you!

The definition of “documentarian”
just keeps expanding. We’re now not only developers and tech writers,
we’re customer support staff, product managers, testers, and designers,
working alone or on big teams, on open source projects
or on proprietary enterprise software.
We’re all the people who care about making better docs.

Presentations (and a Panel!)

So here it is, the full list of presentations:

You can also view the full talk abstracts available on our website.

We hope there’s something there for everyone to enjoy,
and also to stretch your views a little bit, as well :slight_smile:
We’re trying a couple of new things this year,
including a Panel and Thunderstorm Talks.

We had a number of interesting presentations about companies transforming their documentation process.
Instead of choosing just one,
we asked the speakers to join us on a panel,
so that we can compare and contrast the different approaches.

We are also sad every year that we have only 18 speaking slots at the event.
This year we added Thunderstorm Talks to give us a few more chances to hear folks.
These talks break a few of the 30 minute slots into two 15-minute talks.
They’ll break up the pace of the day,
and will let people get some new ideas across in an action packed format.

Reminders and Resources

In the next few weeks, we’ll also be announcing more details of the
conference events: the annual hike on Saturday afternoon, the writing
day and reception on Sunday, and the official party on
Monday evening.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, time hasn’t quite run out.
You can pick up your tickets now.
We are already 75% sold out,
and expect to sell out before the end of April,
so don’t wait to get your tickets!

Coming to Portland, but need help planning your stay?
We have published some resources on where to stay and how to get around.

Poll the Docs

We’ve also got a documentarian questionnaire for you! Kata and the folks at Provonix have been
working to put together a survey that can help our growing community understand better all the
different ways we do our work, where the current challenges lie, and what the future holds.

It would be great if you could set aside 10 minutes from your busy days to fill it out.
We’ll be sharing the results with everyone, so your contributions will help the community as a whole understand itself better.
Think of it like therapy,
except at the end we get a better conference,
better tools,
and the uncanny feeling that maybe we aren’t alone in this crazy universe of ours.

Write The Docs EU 2016

The event last year in Prague so much fun,
we’ve decided to hold our European conference there again this year.
Come talk docs with us again in Prague, Czech Republic, September 18-20.

It will be another great event in a magnificent European city.
We’ll be announcing more details in the coming months,
but you can put it in your calendar now.


Sponsorship is one of the reasons we can create such a great
conference each year. We’re happy to have the following additional sponsors join us
in supporting the Write the Docs community:

Stay in Touch

Y’all are invited to join your fellow documentarians year round on
the Write The Docs Slack channel and
the Write The Docs forum. Sign up, catch up
on threads that interest you, and join a conversation or start a new one!

We’re anticipating another fantastic conference in Portland,
and we look forward to seeing you all in May!