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I use Word also. Now there’s two of us. :smile:


Hi everyone! My name is Sandra Wills and I’ve been creating technical documentation since 1998. Recently, I accepted a position with a great start up and I’m using reStructured text/Sphinx for the first time. I’m really excited to find this group and have been busy reading the forums. I’m in the Raleigh/Durham NC area–a great location if an East-coast conference location is ever needed). :slight_smile:

twitter: unc_docschick


I use Word as part of my documentation outputs. Make that three of us. :smile:


Well, sort of. I use Word source files and output to web-based Help using Doc-To-Help.


Four! (I’m all end-user docs, largely for non-tech folk who really want something they can, ahem, print out and put in a binder.) I live in Word.


At least they put the printouts in a binder. :wink:

I can give you a few stories about folks printing out the same doc multiple times which leads to using an outdated printout.


Lo All

Sam here. @plaindocs on twitter,, etc.

Freelance tech writer, mostly for programmers and other high tech, mostly from Berlin, Germany.


Hi, I am David Smatlak, a technical writer who likes open source. :grinning:

Twitter: davidsmatlak
Meetup Organizer for Write the Docs Seattle


Hi All,

I’m Jim Campbell, another technical writer who also likes open source. I haven’t been to Write The Docs (maybe next year?) but have been to the Open Help Conference and to Writers UA. I’m currently working as a Business Analyst. Look for me to add my name / info to the Job Hunter section of this site within the next year.

I’m on twitter @j1mc and on the web at:




Hi there!

I’m Catherine Hynes and I’m a doc writer at Esri in Redlands, CA. This was my first Write the Docs and I came back grinning.

Twitter: @frootyon

Can’t wait for next year!


Hello all,

I’m Alan Bowman, a lone tech writer for a small web hosting company in Atlanta, GA. I had planned on going to Write the Docs this year, but then we had to have four huge pine trees taken down before they fell on either our house or the neighbor’s house and that costs a lot of money. Maybe I can attend next year.

Twitter: @alanbowman
Instagram: (mostly pictures of my dogs)