Address Book & Contact Info


I’m in Pittsburgh!

Message me at or @CaptainShar on Twitter.

My name is Sharon Campbell and I’m the Managing Editor at Heptio. I write and test Linux sysadmin content. I think a lot about helping people write better tech tutorials.


I’m in Pittsburgh. :slight_smile:

Twitter: @hazelnut_x


I’m Mike Jang, Senior Technical Writer at ForgeRock. I’m also the organizer of the Write The Docs PDX (Portland) Meetup Group, ref

If you’re in the Portland area, join us for our next Meetup, June 9, at New Relic, when we’ll talk about “When You Should Not Write The Docs”. /


I’m in Raleigh NC. Email is, and I’m on Twitter as steveburnett.


Becky Yoose
Discovery and Integrated Systems Librarian, Assistant Professor
Grinnell College, Grinnell IA

Twitter: yo_bj

I am the unofficial librarian of #writethedocs (or at least that is what Eric keeps telling me ;c) )


Hello! I’m Kimli from Vancouver, BC. I’m a Technical Writer in the Engineering Department at Hootsuite.

Twitter: kimli
Everything else: kimli


I’m in Portland! or @writingweb on Twitter.


I’m in Eugene, OR, where I work remotely as a freelance tech writer, mostly for Drupal shops. Hit me up for a beer, if you’re ever in town!

twitter - @OBrienEditorial / email



I’m Ealasaid Haas, and I live in Portland, OR. I’m a tech writer for Adaptive Insights - I was their first and only tech writer for a while (which, after 8 years of support and marketing writing the doc was something of a brownfield situation) but we now have a teeny little team.

Twitter: ealasaid
Skype: ealasaid.haas


Hi! I’m Aprill Allen and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m watching #writethedocs on twitter and YouTube. I’m a former IT support person, now IT marketer and knowledge management consultant.

twitter: knowledgebird


Hi! I’m Mo Nishiyama, straight outta Portland Oregon. I’m a tech writer at Oregon Health & Science University.

Twitter: @synthcat


I’m James Pyles, technical writer at Kount ( in Boise, ID.

Email: or
Twitter: @jamespyles
Blog: A Million Chimpanzees blogspot


I’m E. Foley and I write customer-facing docs for Fugue. (

Twitter: @qthecocker (mostly stuff about my dogs)
Instagram: @qthecocker (ditto)


Hi there! I’m Renée Rendon, technical writer at Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas.

This was my first Write the Docs conference, and I enjoyed it tremendously! Hope to stay in touch.



FYI, I think we have a substantial group of attendees on the following Twtiter list,


Thanks for posting the list @mikejang! All, please ping me if you want to be added to the list. I tried to capture as many folks as possible from the Twitter chatter, but I’m aware that I might have missed some folks.


Hi folks! I’m Torrey Podmajersky, UX writer at Microsoft. Reach me by email at, or on Twitter @torreybird.

Glad to have met so many of you! :smiley:


Hi everyone! I’m a writer for a software company in Denver. End-user docs, using Word and Doc-to-Help. That should get your attention. :smile:


Hey y’all! Konnichiwa! (I’m a woman of many backgrounds). I’m Kay Miles, a staff technical writer at National Instruments at Austin, TX.

Twitter: @milesfiles
NI tech writer website:


Hi all! I’m Johanne Lavallée, tech witer in Quebec City for a company in construction that builds variable message signs, light towers that do not run on diesel, arrow signs, I do all the docs and love to help with Word.
@castafiore2001 (being translated from french)