About the 2016 Conferences category


This is the place to talk about ideas, thoughts, inspirations, or anything else related to our 2016 series of conferences.

We will be having 2 again in 2016:

  • North America
  • Europe

We also have a couple other locales on our radar for 2017:

  • Australia
  • Your region here?

If you are interested in an event in your region, feel free to post here and see if others might be willing to help put it together!


I’d love to get a Write The Docs conference started in Australia.
We only have one national conference at the moment: http://www.astc.org.au/events/2015/10/conference-2015-content-is-king

The problem I have with this organisation (of which I’m currently a committee member) is that in the year I’ve been with them, I don’t feel we’ve offered anything other than this conference and a newsletter with TechComms articles to our members.

This conference is well and truly marketed to TechComms people, but there is such a huge developer market that is untapped and needs our support.

Write The Docs Australia would challenge the current conference organisers to get with the times and get out of the pre-web philosophy that Societies seem to be still clinging to.